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Please add WINTER PROTECTION PACKAGE if temperatures are below 50°F | 10% DISCOUNT for Pickup Orders
Please add WINTER PROTECTION PACKAGE if temperatures are below 50°F

Heat Pack USA 110+ Hours Shipping Warmer

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HeatpackUSA developed these affordable heat packs to help with shipping plants and keeping temperature-sensitive items safe during their journey. We are looking to help other individuals and plant businesses grow and expand by providing the necessary tools to properly package plants to ship across the country.

*If interested in pallet quantities please email*


  • Remove plastic wrapper to expose the heat pack to air. The heat pack will require some time to start generating heat. The heat pack will generate heat for a minimum of 110 hours. Pack surface temperature may reach 130 °F. 
  • DO NOT open until ready for use. The heat pack does not work when wet. 
  • Do NOT use if the warmer is rigid. Warmer may stop working if the temperature in the box falls below freezing (32°F). 


  • Heat packs are not for human use and are only meant for packing purposes. 
  • Avoid direct contact with the heat pack to prevent injury from burning. 
  • DO NOT open the inner pack. If the contents come in contact with skin, eyes, or mouth, flush with cold water and contact a physician. 

Ingredients: Iron Powder, Activated Charcoal, Water, Vermiculite, Salt.