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Please add WINTER PROTECTION PACKAGE if temperatures are below 50°F | 10% DISCOUNT for Pickup Orders
Please add WINTER PROTECTION PACKAGE if temperatures are below 50°F

Denton Plant Factory

Together we foster a community of plant lovers and inspire the next generation. 

Founded by Simon Fuhrmann and Hunter Zmolik, this Dentonite’s passion for the great outdoors spans across hay fields and tractors to lakes and fishing ponds. Simon is happiest working in the open air and laboring with his hands. For over 20 years, he has honed his skills in construction, agriculture, landscaping, and hardscaping. Simon’s goal at Denton Plant Factory is to give people a welcoming space to learn about plants and gardening so they can enjoy the beauty and relaxation of nature at their own homes. Raised in Denton, Hunter found a passion for community and ecology, and strived to blend the two into a local business. He studied biology at the University of North Texas, worked with the US Army Corp of Engineers under Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility (LAERF) restoring native plant populations and assisting in biocontrol experiments, became the head grower at a local nursery and continued to nurture his connections with the community and local plants. Denton Plant Factory is the materialization of this passion by bringing quality tested plants and a knowledgeable staff to an interconnected, local community.    

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Directly from Simon

We opened our nursery/ garden center in March of 2021. Many told us we were brave starting in the middle of a pandemic, but having worked the year before at a nursery together we knew this wasn’t the case. Gardening became the thing to do wether it be to produce food or to clean the air or just to help something beautiful be beautiful people were lined up open to close. Denton is a city in North Central Texas just north of Dallas. It is home to two colleges and a plethora of the hard working middle class. When our doors opened we did GREAT. Revenue was high and people where lining up. Our social media was constantly in the buzz and customers where anxious for anything different. While pinning down our outdoor landscape material was easy, finding houseplants was not so easy. Most places wanted you to buy 10-12 of the same plant for a pretty penny at that. Or even worse 30 or 40 if you tried to go small. But unlike landscape plants most people don’t buy several of the same houseplant. Specially not all at once. So when I found houseplant wholesales on faire and I was able to get several varieties at once. They may have very well saved us through Christmas and the cold days. I have customers that regularly spend $50-$60 on just a few plants and always want to know when the next shipment will be in. And to honest I am usually just as giddy about it. They were my best seller through the holidays. Everybody got plant for Christmas this year, I think. I love watching my customers make that personal connection with a plant they had no intention of buying or find that plant that “they have been looking for “. The best part is all of the plants are small. They take up minimal room and still hold an extremely good ROI. I rarely kill one or loose profits on any. Once in a while we have to bump something up, but we do so into pottery we have available which peaks interest and creativity within the customers. Normally the bump up comes from plants coming in so big and lush it just makes care a bit easier to upgrade it. Problem is, then I want to take it home. I can’t wait to see what happens in the spring. We didn’t find houseplant wholesale until midsummer. I would be willing to bet we wear fed ex plum out.