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ADD HEAT PACK if experiencing temperatures below 50°F
ADD HEAT PACK if experiencing temperatures below 50°F

Mini Pre-Pack #2

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An over $230 value of plants for only $199.99!

With a good selection of higher-end, more exotic tropical foliage, Mini Pre-Pack #3 includes the following:

4" Indoor Plants (2 of each)
Dracaena Janet Craig
Pothos Golden
Spider Reverse
Snake Plant Laurentii
Snake Plant Zeylanica
Philodendron Monstera
Philodendron Minima
Zamioculcas Zamiifolia
Pilea Peperomiodes
Aloe Vera
Ficus Lyrata

6" Indoor Plants (1 of each)
Philodendron Monstera
Snake Laurentii
Snake Zeylanica
Pothos Golden
Croton Petra
Ficus Lyrata
Fern Nidus
Pachira Braid

***Please note: If there are any shortages at the time of shipment, we will substitute with the next closest available plant***


***Also, due to some system inventory limitations, the Pre-Pack Products may appear to be "out of stock." DO NOT WORRY! You should still be able to add them to your cart even if they're supposedly out of stock. We are working on an solution to this issue currently***