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Please add WINTER PROTECTION PACKAGE if temperatures are below 50°F
Using the Correct Soil

Using the Correct Soil

When you pot your house plant, it should be with potting soil that's tailored to the specific type of plant that you are growing. The potting soil for plants like Cactus, succulents and rosemary, should be more coarse and drain very well. Other house plants like ferns and anthuriums like high humidity content in their soil so a potting soil with more moisture containing materials is best. 

Many gardeners add organic components to their indoor growing mixes such as leaf mod, compost, composted peat, and others. These organic matters usually introduce healthy nutrients and benefits to help the plant thrive. 

A critical aspect of the potting soil is the pore space in the mix that provides the air and water to easily access the roots and keep them healthy. This is usually provided by perlite or vermiculite to allow at least 10-20% of air in the soil. 



With all the different types of soils out in the market, our customer satisfaction team kept getting asked questions about which soil they recommend out of the hundreds available. With never one answer, we thought the indoor plant market was in need of 1 indoor plant soil and 1 succulent soil that could be used in a large range of conditions and with all types of indoor plants. 



Potthing Soil by House Plant Shop

Here at House Plant Shop, our team each took months to try different types of indoor soils. To make it easy to our customers we focused on finding 1 type of indoor house plant soil that would work well with all types of indoor tropical house plants. From Anthuriums and Calatheas to Herbs and Succulents, bags of our potting soil can help any plant thrive. 

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