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Please add WINTER PROTECTION PACKAGE if temperatures are below 50°F
New Trees. New Responsibilities

New Trees. New Responsibilities

You already know that here at House Plant Shop we love new types of plants and pretty much anything green and living. Something you may have not known is House Plant Shop if venturing out of just House Plants and exploring all types of living plants.

We have recently launched a new tree that is known to be from some of the largest trees in the world. The Giant Sequoia - Baby Tree 

The Giant Sequoia are hardy enough to grow well in any climate and are generally easy to grow. They grow to an average height of 164-280 ft when they mature and can grow to be thousands of years old. These trees are also evergreen meaning you will get the enjoy their green all year long. 

Preparing to plant the Giant Sequoia

If your tree is a few feet tall, it is time to find its permanent home. Remember that these trees are huge so finding a good spot for it is essential.  If it is placed in a spot that is too small or too close to your house, you can kill the tree or even damage the house. (These trees are GIANT!)

Transplanting this tree is optimally done in the fall. It can be done in the spring as well but we don't recommend doing it during the summer. 

Prepare the chosen spot by clearing the vegetation or anything around the spot. Dig a hole that is slightly larger than the tree's root ball and place the tree in the hole. Add a mixture of the surrounding soil and your own soil to optimize the environment. Finally, water the tree thoroughly. 


Giant Sequoias are great trees and are impressively tall. They help clean the air and can live for thousands of years. It is great for your pleasure, Mother Earth, and even future generations. What a marvelous tree! 

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