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Please add WINTER PROTECTION PACKAGE if temperatures are below 50Β°F

House Plant Root Rot Treatment / 8oz / Root Supplement Fertilizer

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House Plant Root Rot Treatment fortifies your plant against root rot. By promoting healthy root systems, your plants are better able to absorb nutrients and become hardy and vibrant. Made with environmentally friendly phosphite that encourages hardy root growth, your indoor plants will be more resistant to harmful soil-borne agents.

Because root rot occurs beneath the surface, you're often not aware of it until it's already in its advanced stages, which could be too late to save your plant. House Plant Root Supplement thwarts root rot and the fungi that cause it before it can do irreparable harm.

Our liquid root rot supplement works by having the good phosphite release enzymes to dissolve the cell walls of fungi agents. This promotes a healthier root system capable of absorbing all the nutrients that the plant needs. Houseplant Resource Center Root Supplement is gentle enough to use on all of your favorite indoor plants, including your fiddle leaf fig tree, rubber plant or dracaena. Each treatment protects a plant for 2 months.

Root Rot Supplement uses only the best components to fortify your plants against harmful soil-borne agents. It can be used to protect any house plant against such plant killers such as Pythium and Phytophthora. Because Root Supplement is gentle, it can be used every time you water.
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